Angel is an amazing photographer. Her work turns out great, has fair prices, and most important she is patient with children. My son was a little uncooperative the day we took our pictures but she still got some wonderful pictures that will always be cherished.
— Stephanie Simpson
Angel has such an amazing talent turning pictures into art! I absolutely LOVE our maternity pictures! They came out perfect! I wouldn’t have chose anyone else because all of her pictures just come out amazing! Book with her, you won’t regret it!
— Karlah Fierro
Angel did an amazing job corralling our two boys to get some incredible pictures. Our sons can be pretty flighty, but Angel managed to keep their attention and, more importantly, did a great job capitalizing on photo opportunities as they presented themselves. We’ll definitely work with her again in the future!
— Kristina Nielson
I seriously can’t say enough about Angel! Angel is very professional and has such an upbeat personality. I absolutely LOVE the maternity photos that she did for me! She is very creative and makes magic happen! ;-) I highly recommend her if you are looking for a photographer!
— Tiffany & Sean
My fiance and I had such a great time on our shoot with Angel. She is such an amazing photographer and it was so fun to see her visions come alive! She really made the pictures reflect on our personalities. She knew exactly what her visions were and it was so relaxing to work with her. I couldn’t be more happy with the way our pictures came out and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some great captured moments. I would definitely set up another session with her in the future!
— Jessica
Angel is simply amazing... She did a wonderful job with both my maternity pictures and newborn photos.
— Alex
Angel took our family pictures and is AMAZING! She is extremely fun to work with and is very patient and friendly. Her prices are fair and the turnaround time is much faster than any photographer I’ve ever worked with. I will most definitely be working with Angel again!
— Allison
Angel is an amazing photographer. Her work turns out great, has fair prices, and most important she is patient with children. My son was a little uncooperative the day we took our pictures but she still got some wonderful pictures that will always be cherished.
— Stephanie
We absolutely loved working with Angel! Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she’s also a great person. So sweet, personable, great with out wild kids, and professional. We love our photos also! Thank you!!
— Jordan C.
Angel was so professional and we felt really comfortable in our family session. She captured so many special moments and I loved the variety of poses. The location choice was perfect! To this day, it’s been the best family session we have had.
— Meg
Angel took pictures of our family when she was stationed at Whiteman, AFB. I adore her, her work, and would recommend her to anyone. She is very professional, very patient with children, and even got my husband who doesn’t smile to smirk -sort of- in our photos. I still have these images on my FB and on my walls in my home. Thank you Angel for capturing memories for us while you were here!
— Rosi
I’ve used Angel’s services twice. Once for a maternity shoot and once for a family shoot. I’ve loved everything she does and will use her again and would definitely recommend her.
— Jennifer
Anyone can take a picture but Angel truly turns photos into works of art! We love our maternity photos and are so happy we made the decision to take them with Angel. All of our pictures were available to view within a few days and upon seeing them, I couldn’t help but cry. They were all so beautiful! Now we just can’t wait for our newborn shoot :)
— Liza
Angel is awesome! As a first time picture takee, she made me feel really comfortable! I didn’t have to worry about looking ridiculous because she directed amazingly and the pictures came out great! If I can convince my husband that pictures won’t steal his soul I will definitely be doing family photos! Ooohhh I can’t wait until I convince him! Weeee!!! Just moved to Texas, but as soon as I meet people I will absolutely be recommending!
— Courtney
I loved the pictures Angel did. She spent plenty of time during the session to get the pictures I wanted. Her prices were great and the pictures turned out wonderful! They were also returned very quick. She was very fun to work with!
— Charley
Angel is my GO-TO photographer for everything! She’s done my family pics, both of my kids’ senior pictures, and my grandbabies first photos. Simply phenomenal! She’s creative, professional, and has a rare talent/eye for even the smallest details. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch photographer.
— -Susanne
Angel did an amazing job this past week taking my one year old’s pictures. The location she picked was amazing, I would definitely go there again for pictures, at Southern Jeweled. She did such an amazing job and the session seemed to flow so smoothly pose to pose, even though he was constantly on the go. She was never without an idea on how he should pose. I cannot wait to book another session with her to take my entire family’s pictures. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— -Julia
Gorgeous Angel, as usual. I love them. Can’t wait to see the rest! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do it for us. One request, don’t ever go overseas, your my photographer for life! Well.....if you did, I would have to come to you......mini vacation for me! Woot! Woot! hahaha Again, thank you, I was so happy to see you. Miss you being here!
— Heather
Angel did my family photo shoot and she was very energetic and positive. She was great with my daughter Avery. She spoke well with her and Avery listened to her. She let Avery (my daughter) have Fun during the photo shoot. She was very patient with her. The photos turned out awesome. Better than I expected. Way exceeded my expectations and she got them to me in a prompt manner. Very pleased overall. Will book with her again for sure!!
— Chelsea

I would just like to say, Angel is such a great photographer! She really tries to make things fun. She has a great sense of humor and doesn’t make things too nerve racking! I had so much fun taking pictures with her! And the pictures turned out great, i loved them. I would definitely take pictures with her again, anytime! Thank you so much for everything Angel!
— Lindsey
I can’t say enough good things about my maternity photo shoot with Angel. At 37 weeks pregnant and feeling VERY much like a walrus, Angel helped me feel comfortable, natural and beautiful. Even my husband smiled for the camera! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and fun experience. We can’t wait for our little peanut to get here so you can capture her beauty as well! Thank you!
— -Jen H.
It was so fun (totally forgot how cold it was). Angel was so focused on me & the photos that we never got distracted with the cold. She carried my jacket & offered it to me many times. She was very professional & always respected my wedding dress & myself. The turnout of the photos were awesome! I could’t have been happier. She really took the time to make them customized to me. I really appreciate her as an artist & photographer. Awesome JOB!!
— Chelsea